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The Future Knights

Claudia and Jason began dating in the fall of 2006. The couple's first date was on the River Walk in San Antonio, where they strolled the scenery, watched the movie Happy Feet, had dinner with Claudia's family, and then visited a karaoke bar. They realized quickly they had a very strong connection. Jason was studying computer science at Texas A&M at the time, and Claudia lived in Maryland. Though neither was keen on the idea of long-distance dating, their vast shared interests and instant chemistry made the decision undeniable. After 1 year of traveling back and forth between the states, Claudia moved to Texas for Jason's last year of school. In June of 2008 the couple moved back to Maryland. Jason now works as a lead developer at Enlightened in DC and Claudia works as a consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank just 4 blocks away and the pair commutes together daily. They enjoy playing videogames, cooking, raquetball, and taking roadtrips together. The couple has learned a lot from eachother, Jason now eats Ceviche, Peru's national dish and can cook many other Peruvian dishes. With Jason's help, Claudia conquered her fear of beans, and is now a chili expert. After chasing eachother across the United States, and traveling countless miles, the couple will finally be Mr. and Mrs. Knight on October 10, 2010!