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The Bridal Party

Meet the Bridal Party:
Maid-of-Honor, Janet Chilcott
Janet has been Claudia's bestfriend since the fourth grade. The girls are more like sisters than friends. Whenever they are together they share an unspoken bond that usually leads to acting silly and laughing in their own little world. Claudia attributes surviving her year abroad in the South Pacific island of Tonga (no internet, television etc) to Janet's weekly faxes keeping her up-to-date. Janet lives in Wilmington, NC with her husband Travis and is always baking delicious treats. She enjoys running, going to the beach, baking and wine. Also, Claudia and Janet are a fabulous boardgames team. Janet was recently accepted into Duke's highly esteemed MBA program. Go Blue Devils!
Bridesmaid, Stacy Taladay
Claudia met Stacy in the first grade before she could even speak English. Claudia was so amazed by Stacy that she use to write stories in class about them being friends and having playdates before they had even become friends. Stacy, being the wonderful person that she is, became Claudia's first good friend and even put up with her calling her E-stacy for the first couple years. Stacy lives in Knoxville, near Frederick, with her fiance Kevin Anderson. Stacy is an amazing writer and a very talented photographer with a love of dancing, wine, and traveling. Claudia is grateful to Stacy for her years of friendship and Stacy helped find Claudia "the dress"!
Bridesmaid, Nam Trinh-Horstmann
Nam and Claudia met through Stacy in middle school. They use to trick Stacy into thinking they were studying when they were really skipping class. This dynamic duo are an amazing cooking and crafting team. Nam is a creative spirit with loves of food, crafting, mushrooms, paisley, and traveling. Nam lives in up state NY with husband Matthew Horstmann. Nam was always there to pull Claudia out of her "Cave" for a good game of  Photo Hunt or some late night On demand + baking. The friends also took a popping and locking "donce" class together and participated in sychronized swimming.
Bridesmaid, Grace Hughitt
Claudia and Grace met in HS and share a mutual love of all things cute! Hello Kitty, Deery Lou, sparkly stuff... They are also videogame lovers and enjoy all sweets. Grace is also a scorpio, and is one of the most mellow easy-going people you'll ever meet. Claudia and Grace, along with Stacy, actually attended the same summer camp, Theatre camp, when they were 10 and 12 though they had not yet met. Grace loves music, videogames, movies, sweets, boardgames, and unicorns. Claudia and Grace always have fun together whether its making cupcakes or playing mario kart.
Bridesmaid, Tiffany Chang
Claudia and Tiffany met in the summer of 2003 through Grace. Tiffany is also a scorpio and was a Communications major at University of Maryland along with Claudia. Tiffany is a fabulous cook, can sell sand at the beach, and has an impeccable taste in fashion. Tiffany got Claudia one of her first jobs at Express in the mall (she lasted just 2 months) and later at Home & Design magazine. Both girls enjoy fine dining and have visited Benihana countless times. Tiffany lives in Alexandria, VA with her boyfriend Jon where they try to out-cook eachother (both are amazing chefs!) 
Best-man, Jeremy Knight

Jeremy is Jason's brother and best friend. Jeremy enjoys salsa (not the dance), queso, and cooking on the grill. When Jeremy is not embracing his passion for Tex Mex food, particularly Papasito’s, he also enjoys playing tennis, videogames, and watching good TV shows like Heroes, Chuck and Dexter. Jeremy is currently studying for his Masters in Engineering.

Groomsmen, Daniel Simons

Daniel is closest to Jason in age of all the cousins, and the pair spent a lot of time together growing up. Daniel is a really passionate guy with a stomach made of steel that can handle just about anything. Daniel shares Jason's love of tinkering with all things technology and currently works as the Sergeant of IT. Daniel lives in Victoria, Texas.

Groomsmen, James Collins

James is Jason's cousin, and the most likely suspect for a video game partner in crime. He shares Jason’s love of trying new games, and is one of the best people to play a game with. James and Jason lived together for a short while in Sugar Land, playing both old classics, and new favorites. James works as a peace officer in Victoria, Texas.

Groomsmen, Alex De Lucio

Alex is Claudia's older brother and Jason's good friend. Jason actually became friends with Alex before he met Claudia. Alex lives and practices law in Arizona, having passed the bar in the state. He is a really great guy and loves videogames, tennis, traveling, being competitive, and starburst jellybeans.
Ringbearer, Sonny Prisinzano

Santino (Sonny) is Jason’s youngest nephew.  Sonny loves chewing on “fufu’s” ears, and was heartbroken when Claudia left after seeing her for a week at Christmas. Sonny lives in Brooklyn, New York and is a total cutie!